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PCBU’s in the Education sector need SiteConnect to comply with the HSWA 2015 and reduce personal reliability

New Zealand schools are subject to compliance with the New Zealand Health & Safety Work Act 2015, and as such are treated in exactly the same way as any other work place in the country. While the Ministry of Education provides detailed guidelines on compliance requirements, schools have some unique environmental and operational features that require custom solutions.

SiteConnect has developed and continues to refine a technology solution that answers the core requirements of the Act.

SiteConnect ‘GeoTrack’ is designed to ensure a thorough supervision of Health & Safety related aspects for your workplace, controlling and monitoring access, allowing identification of risks and hazards, providing induction controls and allows easy communications to those on or in a workplace. It does it by:

  • SiteConnect School Community
    Each school that joins the SiteConnect School Community mandate their contractors to use the solution – they are invited by the school and the SiteConnect App is downloaded to their Mobile device (phone or tablet).
  • Pre-Qualification
    Upon registering, the person wishing to enter the school is required to acknowledge the Health & Safety environment including current risks and hazards, completing essential information, and loading necessary certification documents into the SiteConnect application. Our custom features also include the ability to load police vetting documents and public liability insurance certification with ability to diary expiries.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Each physical site that person is permitted to enter has a GeoFence set-up around it that automatically connects to the SiteConnect App. When they enter a permitted site their entry and exit is automatically registered on the system and a list of the risks and hazards are sent to their mobile device which they need to accept as having been received.
  • Reports
    The system has valuable reporting capabilities that assist the administration team to understand what is happening on their site; including contractor locations and purpose of visit.